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General delivery conditions

General delivery conditions:
It is your responsibility to ensure sufficient people to load/unload are available at both collection and delivery points as our normal services are offered on a single driver, non tail-lift basis. If your goods/items are oversized, too heavy, bulky or awkward for one man to safely lift/handle you will need to book and pay for our two man delivery service. You must receive a confirmation email from our transport office to ensure our two man delivery service or tail-lift vehicle is booked. If the collection/delivery is unsafe or unreasonable for a single driver to handle the delivery may be aborted and you will still have to pay the delivery charge in full. If you require any lifting aids to help in delivery you must stipulate this at the time of booking.

It is your responsibility to book the right sized vehicle for your needs. In the event of a vehicle arriving to collect your goods, only to find your goods will not fit, are not as described, would make the vehicle unsafe in any way, or are dangerous or illegal, etc, then we may refuse to load any said goods and abort the delivery. Under these circumstances you are required to pay any and all delivery charges in full as previously agreed.
Any quotation is for any quantities stated at the time of our agreement. By adding any further quantities onto any vehicle without contacting us you agree to a further surcharge which will be a minimum of 50% of the original quote to a maximum of 100% of the original quote. In the event your unauthorised extra goods can not fit on any vehicle your unauthorised goods will not be transported. We reserve the right to choose not to transport any surplus goods at any time.

It is your responsibility to ensure all goods/items can be collected/delivered in and out of premises safely and without any form of dismantling or alteration due to lack of room in hallways, doorways, passageways, or stairways, etc. Our staff are not qualified to dismantle items/structures and have delivery schedules to keep.

All deliveries are undertaken on a kerbside/doorway/ground floor basis only. Drivers may agree to help you carry items just inside a building to ground floor level only as a matter of courtesy at your request. In these instances you are agreeing it is on a non insured/zero liability basis as far as our staff are concerned. The liability for any damages or injuries caused will rest with you and our staff and company are in no way to be held liable or responsible under any circumstances.

We can not undertake collections or deliveries when only a minor or child is present at either point. It is your responsibility to ensure a responsible adult is present at both collection/delivery points.

If booking a groupage/economy collection/delivery you can not stipulate times or days of delivery. You will need to book our 'same day' service or dedicated vehicle services in order to stipulate delivery times. All economy deliveries offer lower prices based on the fact these deliveries are grouped together on a timetabled/routed basis. Any request for a timed delivery will result in the delivery being automatically upgraded to our dedicated vehicle service and any price or quote altered accordingly for which you will be liable to pay the full upgraded delivery charge.

All cancellations must be made in writing/via email with a minimum notice of the day before the booked collection day, with a minimum of 8 hours notice. Failure to give adequate notice will result in a minimum charge of 50% of the original delivery cost/quote.

Any damage caused to our vehicles/property/persons by yourself or any other of your representatives at collection/delivery points will be your responsibility. Especially whereby you have failed to make proper provision for loading/unloading or generally mismanaged any site. All roadways and access points must be safe and legal to use and not put any of our vehicles, equipment, or staff members at risk in any way. All health and safety laws/rules must be met in full before drivers will conduct deliveries. We will hold you responsible for any conditions falling outside of the relevant laws/rules that may put any of our employees or agents, associates, etc, in danger in any way.