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Office moves, let us take control of your hasstle.

Office Moves
Many office moves are plagued by problems. Despite your best efforts,

Call Outs

We’re happy to come out to your homes and offices.
If you can’t bring your machine to us that’s not a problem, we can come to you. Sometimes machines can be worked on in situ. Machines can often be picked up and delivered back either free of charge or for a small fee, depending on location.


Before recommending any networking products or anything that depends on location we will always survey the site first. This survey is free and we view it as a vital part of the process. Anything recommended by SwitchedOn needs to work and provide value.


If you’ve got a serious problem and need a quick solution then contact us. We understand  problematic computers or any technical kit can cause personal and professional problems. Sometimes small issues equal big stress! Because we understand this we’ll always do our best to get you back up and running as soon as possible. Most importantly you will always be given an honest appraisal of the situation.


It’s often better to try and avoid serious problems rather than try and fix them. We can give advice and put systems in place to ensure that you avoid problems and if they do occur that the consequences are minimized. From simple advice about backing up to more complex disaster recovery plans. These procedures can be crucial and supprisingly within most budgets.

Our shop is open, even when it is closed.

Businesses these days have to be innovative to survive and prosper. SwitchedOn is no different.

We keep our costs as low as possible so we can be as efficient as possible!  SwitchedOn has been set up to run with one main person. But it is not a traditional one man band!

It’s true the shop is not always manned. However the business is set up to take full advantage of all the modern facilities available from innovative phone systems to social media and the internet. You can contact us in many ways. For example if you leave a message on 01291 446522 my system  will get an email and text message to me straight away. If needs be I can respond immediately, almost as if I was there.

Once your needs are established there is a full team of people willing and able to help you. We’re a relaxed and approachable group  who’ll take some time with you to figure out what you  need. Whether it’s a simple upgrade or a brand new machine.

It’s also true that we don’t hold a lot of stock on site. I’ve worked hard however to find suppliers who can supply and deliver quickly and reliably. Very often kit is available the next day. You can collect from us or we can deliver, very often free of charge. It’s ordered especially for you so you know it’s just what you need.


Technical Support

Howie Williams
Director / Installation Manager
Mike Hatherall
Director / Senior Systems Engineer. The good looking one, who is underpaid and overworked.