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A little bit about Switched On IT

IT's a strange business to be in.


Switched-On IT, Hardware Repairs, Sales, Upgrades and pretty much everything inbetween, run by Howie Williams based in Bridge Street USK, and all around South Wales and the West

We believe that customers deserve that the correct amount of time be spent on their jobs. It is difficult to give exact costs for work on line. We always like to take each job as it comes.  Costs etc will always be briefly discussed with clients and there are never any nasty supprises at invoice time.

More about our business

Switched On was born out of a change in business from our old company - Green Sky IT Management, Mike and Howie decided it was time for a change, and rather than running a company that had multiple numbers of staff and large overheads, that a more down-sized and selective business was needed.

We still offer full business and repair / sales service and will help any client that would like to use one of our Repair Shops, but our Business to Business Service is a little bit more selective, we do not want tens and tens of clients, but rather work with a small selection of Business that we feel we can make a tangable difference with - this allows us the time to ensure that we can have the highest level of impact on assisting the businesses we work with to get the most from their IT.

Our objectives are to understand how your business works day to day, and try to understand your core business practices, we feel this best allows us to offer advice and support from the IT world that will enhance your business activities.


Both Howie and his wife are proud supporters of the charity Dogs Trust

I believe that for a nation of supposed animal lovers we should be ashamed of the way we treat them. Dogs trust help take up the slack, and do a great job for abandoned and abused dogs across the country.

As the owner of two rescue staffie crosses  (See below) I didn’t have much choice really! 


Mike Charity of choice - having served in the British Army for a number of years is of course Help for Heroes.